Mechanical Construction, Maintenance and Repair

Dominion Mechanical constructs and services major plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems for commercial, government, and institutional clients.

  • Plan and Specification Construction

    Lump-sum costs to provide construction services to perform installation of mechanical and plumbing systems as designed by a third party architect/engineering firm.

  • Design/Build and Design Assist

    Take advantage of increased productivity on your next project with our expert and comprehensive design/build services, including

    • A/E pre-qualification
    • Design team interviews
    • Proposal evaluation
    • Design fee negotiation


    • Design submission reviews
    • Update budget/schedule
    • Long-lead procurement


    • Prepare bid documents
    • Pre-bid conference
    • Prepare construction contracts
    • Contract awards


    • Document control
    • Building inspections
  • Procurement
  • Design/Build is a construction project delivery system where the design and construction aspects are contracted for with a single contractor.
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

    A project delivery method that integrates people, systems, business structures and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication and construction.

    • Conceptualization phase [Expanded Programming]
    • Criteria design phase [Expanded Schematic Design]
    • Detailed Design phase [Expanded Design Development]
    • Implementation Documents phase [Construction Documents]
    • Agency Review phase
    • Buyout phase
    • Construction phase
    • Closeout phase
  • There are eight main sequential phases to the Integrated Project Delivery method.
  • Mechanical Construction

    Dominion Mechanical installs and services the building’s heating, air conditioning, plumbing, ventilation, and refrigeration systems, among other specialties.

    • Hospitals and health care facilities
    • Medical research facilities
    • Data centers
    • New commercial construction
  • We have completed work for
  • Mechanical construction involves the engineering, installation, operation, and repair of the major mechanical systems of a commercial, government, or institutional building.
  • Retrofit, Renovation and Equipment Replacement

    In addition, these improvements are often better for the environment, enhancing the health of the community.

    • Central plant renovations
    • Cooling tower replacements
    • Major equipment replacement
    • Heat exchanger and coil replacement
    • Energy conservation and free cooling installation
    • Complete piping and riser replacements
    • Capital improvement and replacement projects
  • When you make the decision to replace aging systems with technologically advanced systems, the retrofits, renovations and equipment replacements may pay for themselves in energy cost savings.
  • Preventive Maintenance, Service and Repair

    A maintenance program can also help mitigate costly and inconvenient break-downs of essential mechanical systems.

    • Preventive maintenance and repair of all major mechanical equipment
    • Centrifugal chiller overhauls
    • Emergency performance evaluations
    • Computer room air conditioning units
    • Direct digital control systems
  • Our capabilities include service, repair and maintenance of
  • Dominion Mechanical‘s comprehensive preventive maintenance programs deliver peace of mind and extend the life of your investment.
  • Mission Critical Facilities and Data Centers

    Our data center services include

    • Pre-construction planning,  engineering, design, and programming
    • On-site project and construction management
    • Equipment procurement
    • Precision Computer Room Air Conditioning units (CRAC)
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and generators
    • General, mechanical and electrical construction
    • Preventive maintenance and service
  • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

    Our capabilities include

    • Dialysis centers
    • Operating rooms
    • Medical gas system installation, alarm panels, hook-ups
    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) facilities
    • Clean steam systems
    • Tower additions and renovations
    • Full renovations
    • Vivariums
    • Neonatal intensive care units (NICUs)
    • Surgical intensive care units (SICUs)
    • Post-anesthesia care units (PACUs)
  • Mechanical construction for hospitals and health care facilities involves specialized expertise.
  • Team Construct/Design Assist

    With the same benefits as Design Build, we work with a third party design engineer in which we provide

    • Conceptual budgeting
    • Construct-ability
    • Performance input

    The mechanical construction mitigates risk for the end-user.

  • Performance Contracting

    Identifies all mechanical and electrical systems, collects the power, utlity and maintenance cost for a set period and analyzes a reduction in operating cost by modifying the existing systems to provide the user with an overall cost reduction over a set period.