Dominion Mechanical utilizes a 62,000 square foot multi-bay facility located in Manassas, Virginia. The facility is used for prefabrication and supply chain management. This process is instrumental to the overall success of managing quality, production, and safety on our projects. These practices also contribute to the overall success of the project team by:

  • Off site Fabrication
  • Reducing the Amount of Manpower required in the field
  • Consistency and Management of Project specific standardized materials 
  • Pre-Tested Assemblies to reduce site testing and to improve the overall installation schedule
  • Quality Control while working in a Temperature Controlled Environment
  • Logistical Control through receipt and inspection of all major equipment prior to delivery to the jobsite
  • Lean Construction Practices – Manage Shipping Schedules for “just in time” deliveries and reduce jobsite congestion.
  • Minimizing Staging and Storage of onsite materials and tools

  • Pre-Fabrication Location

    9127 Euclid Ave

    Manassas, VA 21101